Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31st

Grace, how do you get your eyeliner so perfect? You'll have to teach me!

Frankie on her favorite perch.

Pywackie enjoying the comfort of her carrier.

Nap time for gorgeous Kali!

Twyla has been leaving her condo a bit but overall likes hanging out in her carrier.

Scooter just got here and already settled into another kitty's condo.

Miss Wilson sleeping like a baby.

She's just too cute!

Bitty LOVES her soft kitty bed.

Another kitty who likes their carrier! Isn't that nice? Here's Venus being a cutie.

Basso is just so handsome. AND he's super sweet.

Ziggy went home this morning but here he is cuddling with me. All he wants to do is hang out and be loved.

Happy weekend!
Your blog host - Ellen

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