Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13th

Oh Winston, you are just the cutest!

Maggie loves her carrier.

Kona found a nice kitty tent to hang out in

Maggie getting ready to come out and explore the cattery. She's now rolling around in one of the kitty verandas.

Kiki is too cute and such a gentle kitty.

McClane has been following me around all morning, he must have gotten tired and is now settled down for a nap.

Allison giving some cuddles to sweet lil Jimmy.

And of course Finley needs some attention too.
"No pictures please" ~ Molly

Diago looking around to make sure no one will come disturb his bath time.

Lightning was very curious about the camera when I came to take his picture.

Handsome Mr Finley again.

Sam thinks I should pay more attention to him and I am happy to do just that!

Doesn't he look handsome in the sun?
Aerial view of Lenez napping 

Molly what is that foot doing?
You are just too cute!

Your blog host - Ellen

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