Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6th

Foster came down to say hello

and to roll around some
Pretty little Bailey is exploring the catio 

Sleepy sleepy Jerry.

Shh Winston, don't wake him up!
We gave Winston a bath and I'm not too sure how pleased he was with it.
Hank in his favorite spot.

Apple is king of the castle

Domino is such a silly guy.

He's almost always upside down

Lenez posing for the camera
Molly looks pretty sleepy. I think I woke her from her nap.

Kashi looks sooo cozy in this fuzzy bed

What a handsome guy you are Finley.

Foster again.

And his sister Bailey

Kali is enjoying the fresh air

Hello to you too Jackson!

Tana? Inside? It must be a bit too rainy for her. Usually Tana spends all day outside.

Dean found a comfy spot on top of the condos.

Sam always has a smile on his face.

Gorgeous Neddie. I love your whiskers!

Maggie does come out of her carrier, I promise! 

Felix getting some ear rubs.

How Winston feels about bath time.

McClane loves these kitty tents

Aww, Apple is just so handsome. 

Your blog host - Ellen

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