Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8th

Its Fall Now!
As I post this, the sky is going dark and it's getting cold out there
So, we just stay inside with all the cats!

Felix is such a friendly fellow

So is Apple, this guy is all over the place

Kali has been coming here a while, and we are always happy to have her back!

Allison got this fantastic shot of Jackson hanging in the sunlight

Kali may be old, but she still has adventure in her

Kashi? How can you always be so silly?

Maggie is out to play!

Winston you are such a goofball! 

Molly spent her afternoon outside enjoying the last spots of fall sunshine

We miss Jasper but we are thrilled to have Kiki here!

Tana, you are just as silly as your brother

Dean is coming down to join the party

I love Apple's coat, what a pretty boy!

Neddie is so sweet!

She just likes to roll around and get attention!

Kashi shows off his wheel-of-cat napping technique

Oh hi Lady Penelope! I'm sorry if I woke you up!

Molly is just the cutest little girl

Lenez insists that he is also the cutest

Mcclane is hiding out in his plush bunker

Apple decided to check out the view

Sam just loves to hang out outside

Diego hangs out everywhere

Bailey and Foster love the outside catio, we always find them here

Another fantastic weekend spent with all of your favorite cats! This blog was produced with Winston sprawled on my lap and Maggie and Jerry hanging out in front of the computer!
-Your blog host, Miles

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