Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th

Tilly's a big help around here in the office.

What a sweet little face! Vivian is just too cute.

Luna has found the window verandas and is soaking up some rays.

Vivian is ready for some cuddles.
Carl is scoping out some of the other condos trying to find his favorite.

This may be Tilly's first time with us but she is sooo over the condos already.

Vader has SO MUCH to talk about!

Sisters Arina and Lulu are the cutest sweetest cats ever!

Charlie is nice and cozy in bed

Brother Henry just needs all the attention

Shadow loves his condo
Abbott and Costello napping together.

Bela is getting ready for his afternoon nap

Rosalyn is so happy for the sun to be back

Edgar is quite content to hang out in his basket

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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