Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6th

Angus has been helping me out while I'm on the computer

He's not at all distracting!

Isis found a nice tent to chill out in

Her sister, Mary, is rolling around making muffins in the air

and just being adorable!

Butter doing what Butter does

Vivian looks pretty relaxed in her condo.

How handsome is Harvey? He's too cute.

Oh and Abbott, such a lovely boy.

Vader has taken over another kitties condo.

Gitana strikes a pose.

Henry is such a weirdo. I love him!

Henry and Charlie think it's dinner time. Soon, I promise guys!

Sweet Mia loves her condo

Shadow is too cute

Costello found a nice bed to nap in

Finley looks kinda like he's in a space pod

Beautiful miss Rosabelle.

Edgar hanging out in his carrier with the extra comfort of an added bed.

Hiya Roslyn!

Checking to see if there are any customers coming.

Bela is such a cutie.

Oh and Jackson, what a sweetie you are!

Your blog host - Ellen

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