Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16th

Tilly went home yesterday but before she left I caught her and Vivian playing together!
Boo nice and snug in bed

Beautiful Luna is taking it easy today
Carl is such a handsome and sweet boy

A quiet "hello" from Shadow.

Maddie is perched on top of her condo watching over the other kitties.

Lulu is rolling around being adorable

Look at that smile on Vader's face!

Here he comes for some chin rubs

Hank looks like he smells dinner. Not yet buddy!

Arina in her litter closet again. I will never understand her fascination with this spot.

Pixel has declared herself queen of the stairs.

Aww sweet little Ozzie lounging around

Millie has claimed another kitties condo as her own.

Dean loves to be where ever he's the center of attention

Charlie just likes to chill in his condo

Brother's Ziggy and Marley like to keep close with one another


What are you even doing?

Edgar has found a new spot to hang out

Rosalyn looks quite happy to be outside right now

And sweet Bela in his favorite spot

Happy Friday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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