Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22nd

Lucy has the sweetest face!

Manny is just warm gray bundle

Muffin is always rolling around when she wants attention

Agent Orange is just so cute!

This Lucy is the current master of the windowsill.

Mocha almost makes for a body double of Muffin!

Meeava has one of the mos unique faces!

Another doppelganger pair! Chloe and Mittens are face-twins

But Mittens just got a haircut!

Gigi and her brother are such mellow guests

Roseabelle has spent all her energy chasing!

What a cutie Miele is!

We're always happy to have Stanley around!

Philbert manages to remain cute even as quite the old man

Willy got out to do some exploring today!

What a charmer you are Junior!

Bailey and Foster are always out to catch the rays!

Blanton decided to catch some sun while it was out as well!

Blog today by Miles, wishing you wonderful vacations and happy returns!

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