Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5th

Theo's loving his toy from home

Venetzia was running around this morning but it's back to her carrier for some rest!

Loki's chilling out on his heated pad by the window.

Oh Theo, you are just too cute!

What a sweet look Indie's giving me

Ahhh Enzo can finally breathe now that his sister's off of him

Junior is just such a cool cat!

Lily stalking the camera.

Badger is looking for more food. Hmm.. it's gotta be somewhere!

Baby Winston is back! We're so excited to see this sweet boy again.
Prince just wants to be outside all the time.

Bailey found a cozy spot outside to settle down in.

Foster has a lot he wants to tell me about!

What a cutie.

Lily is exploring the outdoor catio.

And of course the beautiful Gigi!

Your blog host - Ellen

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