Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3rd

Lily looks like she just felt something move underneath her. Hm...

It's her brother Enzo!

These two have been like this ALL day. Sooo cute!

Another sibling pair, Junior and Gigi come rushing over for some attention.

Handsome Junior waits patiently for his turn for some loving.

While Gigi insists I don't stop paying attention to her.

She's really turned into a lovebug this stay!

Indie all snug in bed on this rainy afternoon.

Sweet little Tommy loves his kitty bed

Badger found a cool spot to chill out in

Prince is loving this rainy weather.

Foster is staying warm and dry in the kitty cabins.

Gorgeous Venetzia has a lot to talk about!

How cute is Theo's face? He just has the most adorable look about him!

Loki is getting ready to chow down on some dinner!

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