Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th 2015

It's nap time for kitties as the sun is shining on this spectacular afternoon!

Lady T. likes it hot in the window box.

You know it's getting warm out when the cats flatten out.

Millie looks very content with herself.  

Rosabelle is all decked out in striking hues of red and green.

Lenny rolls for love!    

Lewie just came in this afternoon and he's a darling!  

Percy Kittens is a cozy boy and just about the sweetest little thing you've ever seen!

Puss 'n Boots gazes sleepily at the camera.  

Skippy John looks exotic and mysterious through the door of his cabin.

Oka loves napping on all the furniture in her condo!  

Squiggy is the nicest guy!

He's just a bit bashful!

Milan is still up in his favorite hide-away.  

Lopo can't seem to stay awake in the sunshine.  

Frankie is such a love!

Jezebel prefers the cool of the stairwell to the sun outside today.

We find Jessica in exactly the same spot as before.  

AO ushers me to his catio shelf... show off his handsomeness...

 ...and floppiness!

Max and Achilles have a strong bond.  

One is never far from the other.  

Chloe arrived today and she's quite the confident girl!  

She's contemplating the leap from her condo.  

Pixel gives her best Miley Cyrus smile to the paps!  

Have a great day!

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