Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19th

Silly Lewie, we find him in the strangest places

Leo is our ever-vigilant guard-cat

Jilly Bean is cooling off after her sun time

Little Vincent got in yesterday, what a cutie!

Oka, relaxed and content

Baby has such a gorgeous coat!

Chloe's so nice! She comes right out to greet you!

Josie, curled up and napping

I found Frankie napping all over the place


Achilles chillin' in his tent

Jezebel is always on the move!

Max has just been following me everywhere, we're best friends as far as she's concerned

Nyar, rolling around like her silly self

Miss Yana too

Lopo thinks it's prime time for a sun nap

So Relaxed!

Skippy-Jon is such a mellow fellow

Frank has a fantastic perch here

Max, following me around still

Cougar is such a cuddler

I had been looking all over for Nixie, turns out she was just in the sun with everyone else!

Blog today by Miles, reveling in sunshine and kitties and hoping that you all have as much fun and sun wherever you may be!

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