Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21st

Jilly bean has now moved from the condo tops to my lap and is helping me with today's blog!

Baby is such a sweetheart!

She was pawing at me for more cuddles. =)

Sweet Vincent is still a bit shy but who could say no to ear rubs?!

Oka taking a cat nap

WOW look at those eyes! Luna and her brother (below) just came in this afternoon and she's taking in her new surroundings.

Purr-C enjoying the comfort of his carrier from home

Lady T snoozing away

Chloe just woke up from her nap and is greeting the afternoon with an enthusiastic stretch!

Rufus came up to his condo door to get his picture taken.

Josie just likes to flop...

and roll....

and flop around some more!

Max found a cool new spot

Achilles in his favorite tent.

Miss Nixie all curled up in bed

Nyar looks like she's about to go on an epic quest

"Go on your adventure without me! I'm getting ready for my nap" says Nyar's sister, Yana.

Lopo is such a great kitty.

Chloe followed me downstairs to spend some time outside!

Frankie sharpening those claws of hers.

Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth! Look at that great cat purse she's sporting!

Your blog host - Ellen 

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