Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13th

Fiona makes great company for all the deskwork!

Pablo's already out and exploring!

Mr. Leo, taking things easy

Cute, chipper Gus!

Lewie being his standard silly self

Fiona decided to give me a head massage while I looked in on Percy

And Percy decided to wrap around my arm while I petted him!

Clovis is a cutie!

Lily was perched up high!

Marley has his little cove

Cute Miss Marilyn!

Wally likes to keep it cozy

Lady Penelope says hi to everyone that comes by

Mr. T has the lookout post!

Mia, keepin it classy

Indie is ever the explorer

Enzo snuggled up tight

Smantha is such a sweetie!

Ziggy is such a big guy!

With just a little attention, May gets super friendly!

What a cutie!

Skippy Jon enjoying the outside air

Puss'n'Boots has just come in and hes already at home

Badger snuggled up as always

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have fantastic vacations and relaxing returns!

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