Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27th, 2015

It's a beautiful day here in Seattle!
It is gorgeous, hot and sunny here, so besides the cats Marie snapped a few pictures of her wonderful garden by the catio!

Mossimo and Diago splayed out like bookends!

Little May wrapped around the climb post

Who's that in the basket?

Its Tuck! all cozied up and cuddly!

Lola makin her way all around the office!

Tarn being super cute!

Ndugu loves the window perches!

Maggie being adorable as ever!

Catamaran, and snuggled up and friendly!

Lucy really wanted me to keep petting her!

Emma is such a sweetheart!

Lili is an adorable little bundle!

Mowgli showing off his awesome coat!

Sophie gives us a striking pose!

Summer is always such a sweetie!

Diago perched up high!

Mia loves her little cubby!

I think we all want to stretch out like Millie on days like this!

Poke keepin' time for us!

Bazbeaux is on the move!

Pancho Villa is the same mellow fellow as ever!

Petunia giving us a ludacris little yawn!

And little Ariel curled up and napping by the computer!

Blog today by Miles with a bunch of pictured from Ellen and Marie!

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