Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18th

Dexter and Pepper, above and below!

Adorable Mr. Pablo!

Eiger in his customary position

Mimi getting settled in

Gotta keep that tail clean Fiona!

Percy is such an awesome cat!

That's not your cabin Aussie!

Harvey has such a wonderful coat!

Indie and Jack Black makin' friends

Rainy pokes her head out to say hi!

Great shots of Indie and Badger

Rosie and Finn!

Sweet little Lopo!

The fantastic Mr. Sam!

Grace being a floppy-cat!

Cougar lets us know who's boss!

Marie's cat Charles says hello!

May, giving me some fantastic poses!

And the majestic Millie!

Blog today by Miles, wishing you wonderful weather and eventful excursions wherever you may be!

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