Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25th, 2016

Desi organizes our desk!

Umi remains the most highly skilled napper

Sleepy head Roo is not far behind in that category 
Magic stretches awake

What a face!

What a beauty you are, Sophia!
So lovely!

Lil Smokey watches the day go by in the window

Miss WIlson knows how to get comfortable

Alaska has the deepest crystal blue eyes!

Squeakers takes a pretty picture!

Cheerio doesn't care to be bothered at the moment

Out pops Mika!

One cool cat

Holder is always on the go

Holder knows how to distract Allison with his cuteness so she can't get any work done
Rosalie & Marley decide to be napping buddies 

It's Buddha in a basket!

Sneaky Skeeter!

Sleepy Scooter!



Peter is perfectly pleasant 

Caught mid head shake

Ripley is up!
And out.

Ollie is enjoying his field trip to the catio!

He has so much to say about it!

Basso takes such puuurfect photo

Any angle is your good angle, Basso!

Fergus's face is too precious!

Bright eyed and curious!

Happy Wednesday! It's been quite a busy week. See you again soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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