Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27th 2016

We're having some fun now that everyone's here for Memorial Day weekend!  

Bazbeaux appreciates an overcast afternoon.

Sophia is a fine specimen of cat!  

Roo loves being pet on the head.

Desi calls dibs on the desk chair if we're not sitting in it.

Phil is an observer kitty.  

Fergus is a pretty boy!

Miss Wilson takes a nap whenever she wants.  

Sweet little Squeaker couldn't be bothered.  

Lil' Smokey wears a pretty white scarf around her neck.  


Alaska is a blue-eyed beauty!

Pixel just arrived for the weekend!

Brody made himself cozy.

Mika is so animated!  

She wants to win everyone's affections!  

Holders been a good boy!  


Rosalie tip toes across the catio.


Little mouse in the book shelf.


Magic's a handsome gentleman!  

Cleo a teacup size kitty!  

Samoa is settling into her new surroundings.


Marley really knows how to have a good time!  

Have a great weekend!


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