Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7th 2016

Kitties are out enjoying yet another sunny day!


Lucy picked out another condo to stay in and made herself comfy.  

Sweet little girl!

Photon is a doll.  Higgs could not be photographed unless we unearthed him from under a blanket.  
Lovely Loki!
Peter is an explorer!  


Sammy is the big cat around town! 

Lazer likes to be up high.  

Sammy is a nice guy!  

Samson wants room to roam so we took him on a field trip to the catio.  

Such a dapper boy.  

Olivia is all eyes!  

Femme is another big-eyed black kitty.  Don't worry, we're good at telling them apart!
Puss n' Boots reigns supreme!


Palu loves a cozy place to nap.

Serena is a lively cat!

Quorra has been all over the place, but we think she likes it best at the top of the stairs.  

Luna settles down in her football-shaped bed.  

Lily really knows how to relax!

Jerry and Picco are glamour cats!  

Do they know how lovely they are?

Josie keeps it cozy!  

Delilah is most content on the desk chair.

Make it a great day!

You're blog host,


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