Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11th, 2016

Noodles! What is going through your mind, buddy?

Mia Mosa and Annie get cozy!

Anubis is a dapper dude

Suzy sure does love her huts

Squidgy is pretty sleepy

Percy shows gives us the boot

Newest guest Alfred enjoys the window view!

Kiki is seriously out cold.

Pepper is back!

So is Stella!

Summer's face is irresistibly cute

Lady Penelope isn't interested 

Stella Blue has a lot on her mind!

Jessica has joined us again


Mr. Cat is a loving little guy

Miele is a vision!

Captain shows off his furry belly


Don't get toooo comfy there, Kaplan!

Leo sun bathes on the cool ground


Looking a bit like a beached whale there, Millie!

Stanley is super!

Samuel scratches away

Blanton is a beautiful boy

Millie says, "Hey, I'm napping here!"

Elegant Elsa!

Missey in her usual habitat

Stella Blue stands tall and mighty

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