Saturday, August 6, 2016

August 6th

Oscar looooves being brushed!

"aww yissss"

Jeff tries to hide behind his tail

Mia Mosa is such a gorgeous girl

Suzy in her favorite spot

Baby Drake is too cute!

Annie snoozing away

Ron found a quiet little corner

Ani snug in bed

Squidgy looks super comfy in his carrier

Sasha's taking a break from her busy day

Chloe is another kitty who loves her carrier

Magic is so handsome!

Nixie loves her bed

Buddies Jack Black (right) and Puss'n'Boots hanging out

Cute little Quorra

Esme is queen of the castle

Sweet Samuel

Gorgeous Gemma

Silly Stanley =)

Roger is such a gorgeous kitty!

Junebug is just precious 

Beautiful Tiara

Gibson nice and cozy

Fender is a pretty rad cat!

Prince taking a princely nap

Sweet Annabella!

Nadia sees a kitty from her condo

**"Wait, what do you mean we're out of kitty treats?!" ~ Elsa**

Cookie and Summer are starting a girl gang

Missey looks like she's plotting something

Kaplan hiding behind some greenery

Millie is content to just lay outside all day

Noodles is almost always hanging out in this cabin

Zuma flops for the camera

Minka's on the move!

Mittens posing for the camera

You're blog host - Ellen
**We're not really out of kitty treats, no need to worry! =)

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