Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23rd, 2016

Penny gets frisky!

Loved up by Allison!

Arrow is angelic!

Louis is a love bug

Shishka is a sleepy head
"What's up?"

Percy sticks his tongue at me

Taylor is talkative today

Cutie Cucumber!

Kiki creeps out of the window

Puss N Boots caught in the act

Bits cracks a smile
What a beauty!


Stanley snuggles down in his condo

Jessica is just the greatest!

Patches is our newest guest. What a looker she is!

Pancho gets a tan

Sun under the sun!

Millie is merry!

Costello poops out from the heat of the day

Mia Mosa is marvelous!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy this gorgeous week!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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