Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10th

At All My Kitties

Watson checking out the view
Oh Arnold

What'd you find Gabby?
Catnip banana!

Tina poses for me

Maggie says hello!

Sleepy Andy

Look at those glorious pantalones on Roger!

And those magnificent paws!

Jasmine & Rajah are the purrfect pair

Pan "Blue Eyes"

Roxy about to go out for a prowl

Rajah looks so good in his royal tent

Percy and Watson hang out

Little Yuki!

Taiko looks so precious when he naps!

Its Percy's last day after a loooong stay! We'll miss you buddy!


Numa really lives for the catio

Hana and Leo make friends

Bella really lives up to her name

Can you guess her name?

Watson will chase anything I toss for him!

Percy surveys his domain

Petunia you're such a ham!

Leo, so fierce!

Cozy Princess Consuela

Ziggy would like you to admire his toe beans

Thanks for checking us out!

Your blog host,

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