Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th

We The Kitties...

It's that time of year again when we have a full house of 4th of July kitties!!!

Here is Rocky posing next to our flag.

 Jazmine and Rajah just chillin'  

Tiggs was happily roaming around until I put this patriotic bandana around her neck.  Oh so sorry Tiggs.  I'll take it off.

Minka went home today but she is such a lovely girl I still had to put her photo in the blog. 

 Percy is all legs and paws.

Starbuck likes to be on top of the condo.

Hana is giving us a show of her magnificent  talons. 

Ahhh.  She is such a sweetie pie.

Misu loves the attention of the day.

Greyson is such a nice guy.

Junebug certainly loves her condo

Alex is a big Maine Coon but prefers squeezing himself in the little basket. 

Mossimo mid yawn.

Can you guess her name?

Beau has a cute bow mustache.

Bear doing a wake up stretch.

Scout is very content in her condo basket. 

 Max looking down the stairs.

 What fabulous whiskers you have Max.

 Percy found his new favorite spot
Zoe is so comfy.

 Camped out
 Millie trying to decide how this toy thing works.

 Ziggy could spend all day in the catio
And so could Bella! 

Roger is always happy to model for us

Gabby with Percy underneath.  It's amazing how the cats get along so well with each other.  

 Raffy finds comfort on my desk behind the computer screen.

  Aussie celebrating the 4th.  

Your blog host - Marie
Have a happy holiday!!! 

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