Wednesday, July 12, 2017

June 12th

Happy Wednesday

From all the AMK kitties!

Sassy Gabby

Watson looks so distinguished - you'd never know how much of a clown he is!

Hana prefers her sky lounge

Yuki prefers to solicit attention from the chair

Waking Princess Consuela from her royal nap

Jasmine in her royal chamber

Look who's coming to get head scratches!

Roxy can't sit still she's so excited for attention

"Hi Mom! I'm having so much fun here!" -Ziggy

Mr. Blue gets a kiss from Maggie

Roger is as cool as a cucumber

And sister Junebug is never far away!
Percy gets some warm window sun

Hi little Arnold!

You are too precious for words!

We adore Tina's chimera look 

Big yawns for Pan

And a biiiiiig stretch for Bella!

Numa Nut!

You picked the perfect shelf to compliment your eyes, Puss N Boots!

Zoe wanted to take her own selfie on her last day

We'll miss your beautiful sweet face! Come back and visit us again!

Petunia is such a cutie pie!

Taiko dreaming of his future fur-ever home 
Basso found some shade to hide out

Kodiak has the most magnificent squirrel tail

Mr. Blue on the prowl for more kisses

Andy is the cutest napper


Kodiak isn't quite ready to trust the new fan

"This is my carrot.." - Rajah

Leo may look serious, but he's all love and snuggles

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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