Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Pt 2

Just what you've always wanted...
Image result for so many christmas kitties
More kitty photos!

Everyone gets involved when Da Bird comes out!
(not pictured: 5 cats behind me and several playing from the tops of condos)

Nino the ghost cat

Mr. T is Mr. Mischevious

Marley says "if I fits, I sits"

Scout always remembers her favorite condo 
Myrtle borrows Maggie's bed for a nap

A ghost!

Misu is never far away

Marilyn reaches out for pet

Pan is sweet homebody in his condo

Ziggy has the ocean in his eyes

A sweet smile from Kodiak

Janeway and Pudge are coming out

Moosy boy


Gitana looks for a head bunt

Archer says "hello!"

Theres a Chloe!

Misu feeling playful

Stella Sweetheart all snuggled up

What look Greyson!

What did you read in the bookcase today Pudge?

Puck is always the cutest clown

Aww no pics Sriracha?

Get that foot clean Teddy!

Double decker kitties Charlie and Taiko!

What lovely teefies you have Bailey Bob

Rocky right at home

Arina is an exploratory kitty

Gotta get a shot of that half-stache!

Millie face in a hole

Archer never stops 

Louie looks quite cozy
Maggie steppin out!

Coy Moosey
Sweetest sisters Mia & Gitana
Hello again Janeway!
Thanks again for checking us out!

Don't see your kitty? Check out part 1 of today's blog

In order to give our full attention to all these kitties, we will be putting a "paws" on the blog until 12/27. See you then!

Your blog host,

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