Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 12th

Its a quiet Tuesday at AMK

Myrtle & Arnold share so well
Bags looking so dapper
Rolling for pets

Sweetest Elijah

He sure loves his basket!

Blizzard looks so cozy!

Myrtle did you try sneaking in the laundry room?
Sriracha is always on the move

Sleepy Arina


Biiiiig stretches for Arnold

And some chin rubs

Sorry to wake you from your nap Pixel!

Tina is all chill this week

Myrtle loves having the run of the place

A rare still moment for Sriracha


Hey Arnold!

Blizzard still all tucked in

Eru loves sleeping in this *particular* condo

Sleep tight Snuggly Shiloh!

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Your blog host,

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