Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December 6th

Brutus is everybody's best friend!  

Mischievous Myrtle.  


Thoros stalks his prey.  


Lovely Brutus.

Arnold couldn't wait to come out of his condo this morning.

Sweetest Nora.

Pixel knows how to stay busy!

Merlin again!

Brutus is a super fun guy!  

Tina loves to lie in the window sill, where it's nice and flat.  

Oh my!

Nora made it outside to the catio! 

Why so serious, Pixel? 

Playful Myrtle.  

Great to see you again, Finley!  

Precious Elijah

Hyra's got it going on!  


Dearest bags!  

Trixie gazes out the window.  

A very sunny day for December!  

Have a great day!

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