Monday, December 10, 2018

December 10th

Lots of Curious Kitties!

Maxwell: Love from Above

Long time no see sweet boy!

Riley can always be found high above the ground

Titch gets comfy
Tula tries to get Riley's attention

Betty Boop spends her mornings after breakfast in the catio
Then she settles back into her cozy condo for the afternoon

Coco is almost fully charged...

Cousteau seems to have a "girl problem"
"Who me??"

Baby Tiger! 

Coco gets a kiss from her buddy Cousteau

"Hey you! More kisses!"

Snacks on your nose Sriracha?

Blueberry tells me all the news since she last visited
Little Io Moon Kitty doesn't love the camera
But she DOES love all the attention!

Garth has the most gentle face

You'll grow into those ears someday Orca

Bird hunting

I just love how Max poses for me

Orca is wherever the actions at

The eyes of Mordor

Reflections of Sriracha

Betty Boop is as content as can be!

A little windy out there Tula

Shake that tail feather!

Freyja waits for the vacuum noise to subside

Titch might look slightly perturbed, but she is a complete angel
Can you believe Cousteau is only 7 months old???(For reference, I am only 5'4") 

Thanks for tuning in!

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