Sunday, December 2, 2018

December 2nd

Kitten Costeau playing on the cat tree 

Pretty Holly chillin' on the office chair

Sweet baby Titch


Floppy Petunia

Look at those sultry eyes

Such a sweet baby!

Pretty Zolo!

Jinx on the catio

What's going on out there Jinx?

They tell me Costeau is a kitten but I think he's a lynx

Scouts little tail nub omg

Maxwell hiding out on the highest shelf in the catio

What a beautiful boy!!

Scout has the sweetest voice

Coco on the cat tree!

Tula! look at that paw 

Zelda found a little hide out but she was willing to come out for pets

I love those big round eyes

Ragdolls are called ragdolls for a reason!

Coco is so floppy!

Kai and Tux arrived today and they are very curious!

"What is this place?!"

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