Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 4th

Staying Cozy
At All My Kitties!

Kai would live in the catio if he could

Watchful gaze 
Lamar is considering doing a little vacuuming

Cousteau the Most Magnificent Maine Coon!

Might be part-giraffe

Coco in the catio!

She is the most curious little marshmallow

Maxwell is so handsome

Jinx is all chill, all the time

Cousteau just can't wait to be King

Lamar on the move

Sometimes it takes him awhile to get comfortable....

Tux follows me everywhere!

His brother Kai is a bit more independant

"King of the World!"

"What are YOU looking at?"

Maxwell comes down for some head scritches

Jinx, that collar is just TOO cute

Little Titch hears a tap

Tiny Tula

"Is that...FOOD?"

Precious Petunia 

Holly is the silliest girl

"Come pet me!"

"But I might change my mind..."

Such a lady...

Titch has the cutest nose markings

Petunia says "why do I have to do the sweeping?"

Thanks for tuning in!

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