Thursday, January 24, 2019

January 24th

Maya wants in!


Bima would never turn down an invitation to laps.  



Simon is a cutie.

Admirable Frances.   

Moose just arrived moments ago. 

Jiji's eyes are the window to her soul.   

She MELTS for pets.  

That's a good girl!

Frances in the computer desk. 

Archer and Janeway are never far apart. 


Curious Archer. 

Maya is so polite waiting by the door.

Newcomer Pita is doing a little "carrier camping" on her first day.

Good to see you again, Lupe!

Confident Kodiak.

Bima and Cooper having some floor time together. 

Maxwell  on the move!

Maya loves being the center of attention.

She loves to sing! 

Juno is a chatterbox!

Hello! Hello!  

What a sweetie.


Cersei is an sweet buttercup. 

Jaime has really warmed up to us as well!    

Cercie always comes out to say hello.  

Thanks for checking out our blog!

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  1. Thank you for this adorable blog of photos and captions and for taking good care of our girl, Maya. She is very expressive! --Cyndi T