Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January 30th

Jaime is ready for some fun!

Koa in classic tabby stripes.

Riley has the cutest pink nose.

Affectionate Frances.

Cooper always the class clown.

Bima is so handsome.

Pepper has a big personality!

Pita begins her day with calisthenics.

How refreshing!

Hello Archer!

Janeway is a sweetie.

Lupe likes to hang out in proximity to her condo.  

Pita appreciates the heated tile flooring.  

This is Janways condo!

Jaime is a real charmer.

Rita says it's too cold outside for the catio today!

She'd rather stay cozy in her condo.


Sweetest Cercei.

Adventurous Jaime. 

Archer out for a stroll.

Curious Cersei.

Pretty Pita.

Lupe in her condo.

Now I've got your attention, Pepper!

Have a great day!

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