Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sept 10th

The Sun Comes Out
For All My Kitties!

Mimi and Frankie enjoy a little sun shower
Brew-ing up some love on top of her condo

Contented Cleo 
Look at those whiskers!
Elsa is a "copy-cat"

Wonderous Cousteau!

So Mighty!

Ana has the biggest bunny ears!

Here comes Elsie!

Frankie the most fabulous floof

Ollie A. sure looks cozy!

As does little Elsie

Brew says "welcome to my Seattle condo! It only cost $1.5M but has a good view!"

Pepper getting in his catio time 

Look at the cozy nest Mezzy found!

We interrupted Millie's bath time apparently!

Hello again big beautiful boy!

Simon our summer resident

Hello there handsome Jake! 
"I can't read with all this NOISE!"

Jubilee is the best lap snuggler

Mimi mlems

Ollie A finally woke up from his nap

Ollie K. is one happy boy

Slate seems to prefer the quiet office room

I kind of love his surly face - he's really a nice boy!

Ollie N. greets me from his favorite tent 

He's like a purrfect Halloween cat!

Pepper can't get enough catio time!

Scout shows off his pretty pink toe beans

Scout has a favorite window this week!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a great week!

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