Friday, September 27, 2019

September 27th

Fall is in the air and kitties are cozying up in their fur coats!

The marvelous miss Mezzy!

Nox in the window box.

Curious Cooper.

Astro sure does like his basket.

Great to see you again, Ivy!

Chairman Meow, in the house!

Sweetest Cinnamon.

Nyx's coat is fastidiously black.

Mars loves to purr!  And she knows her name!

Frances wakes up from a cat nap.

So many kitties in their baskets at this hour.  Emma appreciates a comfy spot.

Howdy, Blaire!

Puss 'N' Boots!

How's it hanging, Monkey?

Always a pleasure, Frankie.


Puss 'N' Boots lives for the outdoors.

Everyone has been adoring Spacey.

Lovely Lamar.

Apollo looks good in tabby stripes.

Magical Puss 'N' Boots.

Dignified Simon.

Chloe says this is her condo and she's proud of it!

Wonderful Winter.

Kissy face for the camera, Mezzy!

Have a great day!

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