Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sept 8th


Winston goes to his forever home today.  Thank you Miles and Jessie.  Winston will be joining his new sister Chopper who is also a Sprinx kitty in Portland Oregon.  What a happy ending but we will miss him.




Mr. T!

  1.  Where were you when Seattle experienced an epic lightning storm?

Simon says, "hey dad!" 
Marvelous Millie!

Lamar the Lover

Frankie the Catio Queen 
Ollie A. on the move!

Handsomest boy!

Can you tell that Gayle & Howard are siblings?
Brew is brewing up a storm of love!

Thanks for your patience! Apologies if we missed anyone - let us know and we will send you a personal update!

~AMK Crew

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