Friday, December 6, 2019

December 6th


Ollie is satisfied to occupy the computer chair.  

Purr-C doesn't mind the cold when he's on a heated pad.


Peanut Butter being a brave explorer.


Curious TomTom.

Beautimous B-Boy.

Puss "N" Boots is head cat around these parts.

Prettiest Purr-C.

B-Boy is a delight!

Peanut Butter has got to check out the catio at least once a day.  

Peanut Butter must secure the perimeter.  

Bear eagerly watches the door for customers.  

Welcome back, Junebug!

Sweetest Apollo.

Mochi only just got here and it's great to see her again!

Roger just arrived and is eager to explore the catio.

Luna feeling festive.  

Coco always looks so cozy in her basket.

Budda has the gift of gab.


Lila lives on shoulders. 


Budda watches over the room.

Lovely Goose.

Jackson says that it's chilly outside!  

Jasper heads for the highest place in the room. 

Thanks for looking!

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