Friday, December 20, 2019

December 20th

Kitties enjoying the holidays!  🌟



We are getting set up for a bunch of check-ins today!

Mia is the cutest kitten in town!

Bayley is so beautiful. 

Birdwatching crew!

Bluberry giving us her glamour look. 

Blueberry has claimed her perch. 

Comfy Clovis! 

Cocobean was a little shy today. 

Everyone is in LOVE with Cousteau.  

Dipper is an outgoing guy.  

Forth loves to tumble!  

Confident Archer.

Blueberry and Archer hanging out.

Always on the look out for new friends.


Dipper is a fun-loving dude!

He knows he can get attention...

When he's extra floppy!

Ian, deep in thought.

Jake and Cleo are two peas in a pod.

They are buddies!

Janeway has a lot to talk about.

Mabel says she's very happy with her assigned condo.

Luxurious Maggie.

Marvelous Mona.

Pepper just arrived his holiday vacation.

Quincy is a determined toy-hunter. 

With a cherub's face.

Zolo is quite the flirt. 

Head-bonking, friendly action from Frankie.  

Ian is such a nice guy!!

Jubilee couldn't be more comfy.  

Great to see you again, Mabel!


Quincy looking festive next to the holiday lights.  

Quorra is a bit of a chamelion in black and white!  

A final note: Fleas love to take holidays too--- on your cat!  We haven't seen any fleas decking the halls this year,  but it is always a good idea to use a flea treatment!

Your blog hosts,

Maddie, Raven, Allison

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