Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 30th

Something happened in the cattery last night and it's been a real Who Done It detective story since the cats were all in their condos.  The condo next to the PT's belongs to Rosemary and Tyme.  Hmmmmm?

I tried to roll it back but it just wasn't the same.

 Ethel loves to hang out by the window.

 Bell Pepper found his favorite feather toy.

 Schrodinger explores his condo on top and inside. 

Delilah checked in today and goes from her carrier right into her condo basket for security. 

Big stretch by Jinx.

 Rosemary gets her claws ready.

 Kitties helping me clean condos today, or maybe they're just curious.

 Jinx is trying to get Schrodinger's attention.

 Kiss Kiss

 Simon looking majestic.

 Well hello Abigail.

 The kitties all ran out in the catio this morning.  Then soon ran back.  Brrrr.  It's cold out there.

Dueling claw sharpening.  Who's the tougher kitty?

There are just more interesting things out beyond the fence than claw sharpening.

 Are you hiding out again Thyme?

 Oh Rosemary.  Are you into more mischief?

 Yes, you knocked over your water bowl and it made a big water mess in your condo for me to clean up.

 Jinx struttin his stuff.

 Rosemary at the door welcoming new customers.

 Abigal likes the outdoor, heated cat cabin.  

 More mischief for Rosemary.  She is such a Monkey.

Welcome Delilah.  When you're ready to come out of your carrier bag we have a nice condo waiting for you.

Our next kitty photo blog will be next month, February 1st.

Your blog host - Marie

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