Wednesday, January 15, 2020

January 15th

Everyone is impressed by how quickly Toby has warmed up on his very first visit!

Here comes Jessica!

Pheopbe watches the snow falling.

Oreo is a delicious little cookie!

Panther excudes confidence.  

Noodles is as cute as they come!

Oreo likes the heat cranked all the way up.

Howdy, Jesscica!

Arya is a delight.

Pheobe is busy exploring the room.

Ian says that it's cold outside but the heated baskets make it doable. 

Nugget's fur coat was made for days like today.

Jessica says she would step outside but the tile floors are heated!

Basbeaux shows off his lovely manicure.

Amazing Mavis!

Very seldom do we meet a kitten with such a BIG winning personality as Mia's!

The adorable things you do with your back legs, Maisie!

What a cutie!

Lilly looking cozy in her condo.

Such a darling girl.

Elegant Cassie.

Thanks for looking!

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