Thursday, January 23, 2020

January 23rd

Kitties are enjoying some winter weather!

Lilac is your color, Bell Pepper!

Howdy, Brutus!

Jessica is an extrovert who looks on the sunny side of life.

Angelic Hyra.

She enjoys having visators in her condo. 

Great to see you again, Koa!

Who's that sweet little mouse?  Jessica!

Mavis with the pink on her nose. 

Koa is a sleek, snuggling machine.  

Jessica follows the camera wherever it goes.  


Sensual Simon.

Brutus wants to make an impression on all of the customers.  

Jessica contemplates stepping outside in the catio. 

Bell Pepper is excited to say hello. 

At it again with the scratching post, Jessica?

Koa pirches on the window sill.  

Koa taunts Bell Pepper with his tail.

He swishes it from side to side.  

Bell Pepper isn't opposed to playful banter. 

Mavis LOVES her condo!

Mia playing with a towel.

Coconut can fit into any corner.  

You slay us!

Mia is a bonafide cutie pie!  

Welcome back, Scout!

Marvelous Mia.

Polly gravitates towards the highest points in the room.

Precious Gracie.

Aussie was being sweet this morning and wanted on my lap!

Coconut is a ham!

We are happy to have so many new-comers with us today!  They all share the same telling look that says "I just got dropped off moments ago!"...







Candy Corn!


We look forward getting know all of their personalities once they've had a chance to warm up!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Your host,


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