Monday, July 20, 2020

July 20

Our kitties love the warm weather!

Violet takes a big strech!

Annabel likes the window perch!

Asiago is settling in nicely!

Bazbeaux is taking a nap!

Charlie is soaking up the sun!

Connor enjoying the cat tree!

Fairy enjoying her snooze!

Gizmo raises his tail in greeting!

Harvarti is settling in and enjoying his basket!

Italy loves the baskets in the catio!

Maggie checking out things from inside her condo!

Peaches likes the view from the top of the condo!

Pepper is chilling on top of the shelf!

Petunia is laying about in the sun!

Rizzo is just so cute!

Rome loves the fresh air!

Smokey is enjoying her basket!

Travis is a handsome boy!

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!
From Marie, Maddie, Kara
All My Kitties

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