Wednesday, July 22, 2020

July 22

Today was a busy and fun day at AMK!

Almond "raising the roof"!

Annabel is smiling for the camera!

Asiago likes it in the "sky box"!

Bazbeaux is on the top shelf of the catio!

Connor is playing!

Gizmo walking up for some pets!

Havarti on top of the condo!

Italy is so cute!

Maggie has such pretty colorings!

Sisters Peaches and Violet!

Peaches is a cutie!

Pepper hanging out on top of the condo!

Rizzo on the cat tree!

Rome sharpening those claws!

Skylar hanging out on the shelf!

Travis is a handsome boy!

Violet is such a pretty girl!

We wish all the kitty parents the best day!
From Marie, Maddie, and Kara
All My Kitties

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