Friday, July 31, 2020

July 31

The sun is shining at All My Kitties!

Chewy looks great in the garden!

Connor is laying about in the sun!

Fairy is taking a snooze in the AC!

Frida is so cute!

June found a safe spot in the corner!

Kuma is being cute!

LeVeon is looking dapper!

Lulu is lounging in her den!

Marvin likes to be on top of everything!

Miss Daisy is settling in nicely!

Mixy is getting cozy in her basket!

Patrick is exploring the condo!

Peaches is doing just perfect in the catio!

Pete is watching over things from his perch!

Travis is waiting by the door for some food!

Violet can get used to this!

Have a fantastic day!
From Marie, Maddie, and Kara
All My Kitties

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