Saturday, October 17, 2020

October 17, 2020

October 17, 2020

Bayley loves her soft cube!
Cat lounging on the office chair!
Chewy following me around the cattery!
Coco wants in the feed room! He knows dinner is in there.
Connor is taking it easy in his basket!
Jasper is adjusting to his first day here!
Jinx would prefer I didn't interupt his nap!
Kittle is checking things out on top of the condos!
Leon is cozy in his den!
Mantou is surveying the office!
Marigold loves to play!
Millie is back!
Missy likes to sleep on the heating pad!
Momo doing a big stretch!
Welcome back Nina!
Phil yawning!
Phil Collins!
Sam likes perching on the shelves!
Sarge taking a cat nap!
Seal is so comfy in his basket!
Travis in the spotlight!

We hope you have a purr-fect day!

All My Kitties


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