Friday, October 23, 2020

October 23rd, 2020

 Another cool cat Caterday!

First cool cat is Arya Stark

Super Cooooool Coconut!

Leon doesn't need an introduction.

Dinner time at All My Kitties

Awwwww, lots of babies this week.  Nina LOVES her kitten food.

After a full day of chasing Nina, and each other, Azizi and Anubis have worked up an appetite and are getting a little sloppy about it.

Catleesi has been supervising the kitten play, which is sometimes turned towards her.  She's a pretty patient fluff ball.

Missy and Sarge never turn down a meal.

Then there are those who think I'm darn right evil!!!  Sorry Raffy.

Jasper has been a bit shy this stay but not when its dinner time.

Seal is eyeing Coco's dish.  Come on Seal.  Its the same 
meal as yours.

Coco.  Not to be confused with Coconut.

Well I got a photo of Ender's tongue at least.

Jinx discovered the the floor is heated and kind of likes it.

Good night Nova.

As usual, email us if you want more photos of your kitty kids.

Your blog host - Marie

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