Friday, October 30, 2020

October 30, 2020

Happy (almost) Halloween at All My Kitties!

Today we're celebrating all our black kitty customers in honor of the spooky season. 

Did you know black cats are adopted less because of fears and superstitions around them? But we know that black cats are just as lovable as all our kitty companions! Make sure to show some Halloween love to the black cats in your life!

Snoopy's one of our black kitties here! She's been starting to come out of her shell and explore more lately!

Sarge is another black cat! Here he is chilling outside on one of our window boxes.

This black kitty is Leonard! He's hanging out in his condo and watching me clean.

Leonard and Roo became fast friends and are hanging out in Leonard's condo together!

And our last black kitty is handsome Luke, coming out for some loving!

Now for our other cat friends...

Leon likes to stand on the highest spot he can find on the catio and meow for pets!

Another day another selfie with Chewy! He loves to sit on my lap and get scritches.

Coco is enjoying the sunny day out on the catio!

Roo settled in quickly on her first day here!

Nova finds the corner perch so she can watch the bugs and birds outside!

Seal caught with his foot up right before scratching an itch!

Coconut's having a quieter day today

Bella and Enzo are still getting used to us on their first day!

Pugsley and Wednesday are warming up and venturing out!

Wednesday's enjoying some pets!

Milo's also warming up and starting to get curious about the other cats!

Missy's cozy in her cube and likes to watch me at the computer.

Catlessi is surveying her kingdom from the top of the condos

Raffy has starting venturing out and likes to hang out on top of condos too!

Tiger's making himself comfortable in his den!

And Harvey's ready to check things out and explore!

That's all for today, hope you have a purrrfect evening and a Happy Halloween!

-All My Kitties


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