Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! January 1st, 2021

 January 1st, 2021

It's 2021! Our guests today are sharing their resolutions and goals for the new year! Let's see what we can learn from our kitty friends moving forward into this new adventure

Luli is resolving to see things from a higher perspective up on top of our condos!

And to, of course, get some more snuggles and kisses in

Zoo would like to spend more time outside!

Maisie is looking forward to relaxing and lots of self-care with this new year

Maxwell is planning to work on his love, play, rest life balance!

Zelda's new year goal is to find all the best lounging spots and positions

Nando hopes to keep upping his selfie game, and also to get more attention and pets!

Persephone is resolving to focus on her modeling career

Tucker is trying to spend more time getting cozy and taking naps in the new year!

Almond's resolution is to continue exploring his adventurous side. There must be some place in the cattery he hasn't been yet!

Artemis would like to spend more time out on the catio. It's pretty nice out here!

Cat party with Gizmo, Pancho, and Einstein! 

Chewy wants to get more cuddle time in by any means necessary.

Domino (Marie's cat) is going to continue to ask for additional snacks.

Einstein is looking forward to finding new places to lounge in the New Year.

Gizmo would like to receive more pets this year, and doesn't mind following you around to get them!

Jack wants to have a good balance of exercise and rest.

King would like more photos taken of him. I can see why, he is so photogenic!

Luna promises to greet every human she sees with a loud meow!

Marvin would like to sight-see more. Which is why he is surveying the cattery from the top shelf!

Minerva just wants to continue looking this cute. 

Pancho doesn't want anyone to underestimate him due to his age. He gets around!

Pepper keeps us on schedule by making sure we look at the clock routinely (cause he's so handsome!)

Phoebe wants to get more chin scratches this year.

Kuro wants to spend time out of his condo and in cozy spots around the cattery like this one!

Tuckerman knows the importance of staying hydrated.

Tut would like to know more about what the humans are doing.

Waffles is just as sweet as her namesake.

Puma knows the importance of R&R.

We wish you all the best in the new year!

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