Friday, January 22, 2021

January 22nd

January 22nd

It's been a quiet, sleepy day here at All My Kitties! 

Bandit and Wiley both enjoyed their den and got cozy in their own special ways!

Caught Tucker mid-yawn as he lounged away the afternoon

Russell Wilson warmed himself up with one of our heating pads inside of his den

Nando was super happy to see me and get some cuddles and lap time!

Newcomer Bobby got comfy in his condo right away, and found a spot to enjoy the sun through the nearby window

Jessica was the only one not sleepy today! She was curious and spent time looking for things to play with around the office.

That's it today! We still have a smaller group right now, but things are picking up! As always, please e-mail us at if you'd like to see more photos of your kitty!

Thank you, have a puuurrrfect day!


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