Saturday, February 13, 2021

February 13, 2021

Snow AND a Birthday!!!

Felix and Scarlet checking things out.

Scarlet found the scratch pad and is sharpening her claws.

Hobbes is pretty darling.

My Kitty, Fairy, spys a very special birdie outside the window.

It's a Townsend Warbler

Tofu is wondering who's above him.

Tofu, meet Jones.



I think that's Felix.

Not everyone loves me.  Sorry Rocky.


Scarlet sees something out the window.

It's my friend Jon brushing off the snow from the catio roof.

Jinx gives us paw.

And now it's time for the birthday boy himself.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!! Eight year's old today.


Jinx wanted to go out

 but then lets me know he wants back in right away.




Be very careful when you come to pick up your kitty.  This is my house today.  Customers should come to the front door.

My road is steep enough to go sledding.



If I missed someone, please email me and I will send you photos to your email addres.  

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